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Training and Events in Suffolk & Cambridgeshire

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David Lloyd Cambridge
Coldhams Business Park, Norman Way, Cambridge, CB1 3LH
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The British Racing School
Snailwell Road, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 7NU
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Training Types

Advanced 121 Skills Training.
This workshop is for members who’ve done the Member Success Training and who want to learn how to get an even better return from the time you spend doing 121s.
At the end of it all you want your relationship to have gone up a peg. You want to know how you might help this fellow member find more referral business and vice versa.
We’ll share with you secrets, tips and strategies that will not only help you turn your 121 time into new business but also make your other business networking more successful, too
Advanced Presentation Skills Workshop
Limited to 6 attendees only. Here we will work with just 6 members who have prepared their 10 minute presentations in advance.
This is a limited opportunity for members to rehearse not just their 10 minutes but their "sales presentation".
Guaranteed to help you build your business.
Chapter Development Workshop
Your chapter is a business, yes a business and a well managed business makes money.

Question is what sort of business are we looking for your chapter to be?

In this workshop you can learn what makes a chapter a money making machine where all its members can gain more business and more profit for the same membership and investment of their time.

Ask your BNI Director for more details.
Invite only - Certified Mentor Training
Invitation only.
This training is for members who have shown a complete grasp of Givers Gain and an understanding of the hows and the whys of what we do successfully here in BNI.
They have exhibited the true spirit of Givers Gain and we, Team BNI Suffolk and Cambridge, thank them and want them to help others.
Leadership Team Training
Turn your members into a motivated, professional and effective Chapter and business growth team that will take your Chapter to the next level during the next leadership term.
Next training March 2013.
Member Success Training.
OK so you may be a new member or you may have been with us for a while and just need a refresher. They don't teach "Networking" at school or college and you have likely just joined the worlds leading Referral Organisation.
Now there's structure to be understood and there are presentations to be made. They're talking about 121's and bringing guests and it all seems to be a little alien.
You’ll go away with some practical strategies and tips that will help you get a huge return on your investment in BNI and make you a star contributor who your fellow members will value.
This workshop will touch on the basics of all the primary skills needed to become an effective face to face networker. From here you will be able to "make a start" and in turn will be able to see other areas where more advanced workshops will be of value.
Networking Skills Training.
So there you are in a room full of business people (or it may be social function perhaps).
You don't know anyone, or barely anyone. Where and how do you start to "work the room" systematically.
What do you do after the meeting? How do you follow up?
How do you build on relationships to make them into money making alliances – turning contacts into contracts.
All will be revealed in this very workshop designed for members who’ve done the Member Success Training and who want to get an even better return on their time spent networking
Presentation Skills Training.
Ever had someone say "Hi, what do you do?".
It's certain that you have. Reality is that the second you start answering you are making a presentation.
Now that doesn't mean that you have to then launch into a 10 minute, Powerpoint supported, pre prepared pitch but it does mean that you have to have an engaging response that leaves people saying "that's interesting how do you.....
Of course then there are more pre planned presentations.
What are the key things that make a presentation memorable and engaging?
How do you overcome ‘Presenter’s Nerves’?
What makes an audience love you or "hate" you?
And what do you need to do to turn your presentations into referral magnets!
Referral Skills Training.
Now it may be that if someone asked you for a referral to a .............. then you may know one and be able to make a referral.
But what about if someone told you they had just got engaged and you could think of a dozen business associates that would love to get in on that action but simply aren't sure how to have that conversation?
Or what about being at the next level up where you are someone that is a "deal maker" who puts people together in business?
Wherever you are, at this workshop will help you move to the next level and / or get even better at the level you are at.
It's a well known fact that those who are good at finding referrals tend to receive more too. It’s the law of Giver’s Gain.
This workshop is designed for members who’ve already done the Member Success Training.

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