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Well I didn't know that... maybe it's because I'm new - June 2014

Thu 26 June 2014

Welcome to the June edition of “Well I didn't know that”. Last month we discovered that there's a “Visitor Exchange Programme” and the benefits that can have for each chapter. This month I've discovered the reason why some members have blue badges rather than the standard grey.

No, it's not because they ran out of grey ink at the badge factory, there is a good reason behind it... when members first join BNI they are given a grey badge to hold their name card, and to recognise a member who has made a significant contribution to their chapter, they are presented with a blue badge.

Recognising achievement is important in BNI and that's why each month in the newsletter we highlight each chapter's notable networkers. This is another way that we can ensure outstanding members are recognised and celebrated for their achievements.

If there's anything you've recently discovered in BNI and you think others should know about I'd love to hear about it. Send an email to [email protected] (that's right just .co) and you could be featuring in next month's edition.

Until next time...

Marc Woodland


Ps. If you missed last month's edition you can view it here – View previous posting.

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