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Well I didn't know that... maybe it's because I'm new - May 2014

Thu 22 May 2014

Thanks for joining me for the second edition of “Well I didn't know that”. Last month I discovered that there's a book called “The 29% Solution” to help and inspire Education Coordinators to deliver their weekly slot. This month, I've discovered something even more exciting... on my BNI journey I've recently found out that there's something in our region called “The Visitor Exchange Program”.

What might that be I hear you ask? Well, it's a system set-up to help members introduce their contacts to other chapters if they can't join their own. This might be for a number of reasons, such as, their category is already locked out, they can't do the day, time or the location isn't convenient for them. The visitor exchange program ensures if members' introduce a visitor to another chapter they receive the credit they deserve and the chapter is told who the visitor came from originally. But that's not all...

For each contact you introduce you'll receive a credit. The chapter with the most credits will be first in line for visitors in the program in the future. Furthermore, the member in the chapter who's contributed credits will have the visitor come along as their guest.

Obviously other factors will be taken into consideration when deciding upon a group for a potential member, but this incentive actively encourages members' to seek opportunities for other groups, if for some reason they can't join their own. We all know growing our region as a whole is going to benefit us as members' anyway, as we'll have contacts in other groups and more positive word of mouth being generated about BNI, but this is just one extra benefit we can enjoy.

So if you have a contact who can't join your chapter, but you feel would benefit from BNI, send their details to Kay at [email protected] and she'll find the perfect chapter for them. Your chapter will thank you for it later.

Until next time...

Marc Woodland


Ps. If you missed my first edition you can view it here – View previous posting.

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