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Well I didn't know that... maybe it's because I'm new - April 2014

Wed 23 April 2014

Thanks for joining me on my journey of discovery through my first year as a BNI member. My business is currently, at time of writing, just six months old and growing nicely largely due to my BNI comrades. The aim of this feature is to educate new members on information that they might be yet to discover and also to remind existing members on just what BNI can offer.

This month I was delighted to be inducted as my chapters new Education Coordinator. This was personally a great position for me as it gives me the opportunity to build on my presentation skills, which I feel is going to be vital throughout my business ventures.

And here comes the discovery.... THERE'S A BOOK TO HELP YOU DELIVER EDUCATION SLOTS!!

The book is called 'The 29% Solution' and is written by Ivan Misner and Michelle Donovan. It boasts 52 weekly networking success strategies so I'm never lost for edco ideas or inspiration. If you'd like to see a copy just ask your Chapter Director who can help you get your hands on it.

I'm also beginning to learn that adopting a BNI role can greatly improve your exposure within your chapter. Thus help you obtain more business and build relationships with your referral partners.

Thanks for reading and I'll be back next month with my next BNI discovery.

Until next time...

Marc Woodland

Manging Director


Ps. Did you know that the concept of ‘six degrees of separation’ is actually a myth? Read Sarah’s article on what Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Six Degrees of Separation have in common – Read article

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