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Happy Networking - reviews

Wed 26 February 2014

Happy Networking - what people thought of the session

  • 75% of attendees rated all aspects to be excellent.  20% - very good.  5% - good.
  • 100% of attendees would recommend the session to other people.
  • 100% of attendees now expect to get more out of their networking by applying this knowledge.
  • 100% of attendees feel HAPPY!
  • 80% of attendees said the session exceded their expectations, 10% said they had no expectation coming into the session and 10% said they expected it to be good!

Attendees were asked to describe their expereince in one sentence:

"Very enjoyable and informing."

"A great learning experience and highly recommended."

 "Thought provoking, challenging......"


"A revelation of self awareness and appreciation of how other people behave."

"Great, fun, knowledgeable, it will save me time."

"Good advice, not a sales pitch."

"Informative in a meaningful way, with practical implications."

"Helpful reminder of behavioural styles and networking basics."

"Loved it.  Got me thinking!"


"The exercise was very useful, particularly the observer's feedback - whole atomosphere was very supportive."

"Well informed and well delivered, atmosphere was friendly and teaching with a practical element was enlightening.  It was a great experience."

The next skills session is on 25th March:  Presenting for Profit.  After this 3 hour session you will walk away with 12 prepared 60 second presentations; a word perfect 10 minute presentation which will get you more referrals.   


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