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Hastings "Come-Back" Delivers 10,000 Referrals

Tue 9 October 2007

Five years ago, the Hastings chapter was on its knees. Suspended, with just a handful of members, it was even suggested that it might be time to call it a day.

Executive Director, Andrew Hall, confirmed: "It was a tough time for everyone involved in the group, especially the founding members whose loyalty and commitment laid the foundation for what has followed."

Fast Forward to the present day and the contrast could not be more stark. Today, Hastings is riding high, with almost 40 members it is one of the largest groups in the country. With more members has come more business - the group has raced to 10,000 quality referrals passed among its members.

Andrew Hall has no doubt where the credit is due. "The key has been a succession of world class team leaders, each building further upon the work of those that they have replaced. The result is a chapter that will remain at the top of the tree for years to come."

Congratulations to everyone involved in the Success story that is Hastings BNI today.

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