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The new leaders get ready!

Thu 13 February 2014

Over 30 members are already booked for the Leadership Forum on Monday 17th February at the Engineers' House.  Bacon baps will be sizzling, tea and coffee will be flowing and brains will be buzzing!

April 1st sees the transition of a new set of leaders in each BNI group in the area.  As we all thank the current teams for good and solid performance over the last 12 months it is now time for the new teams to prepare to take responsibility for the continued success of the members and the growth of the groups.

The models we will be using for the preparation for the full Leadership Team Training session on 17th March are all useful tools that could be used in the members' own businesses as well as in the BNI chapters. 

See you there!  And by the way if you haven't booked yet (you know who you are!) the event is going to be closed off as fully booked any moment now so don't miss out on the most important planning session you are likely to attend in the first quarter of the year!




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