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BNI COOK - the first chapter to launch in BNI Avon and Monmouth for 4 years

Mon 27 January 2014

BNI Cook has just launched in Bristol.  So while Alistair Cook was in Australia doing what we don't want to mention vs the Australian test side.......a new group of BNI was kicked off by Area Director Kay McMahon! 

This is the first group to launch in the region for four years.  The previous management didn't seem to manage it somehow but Kay McMahon has grown this group of local businesses with determination and a gentle touch to create the only lunch time chapter of BNI in the area.

The group meets at Goldbrick House in Park Street, Clifton each Wednesday and open networking starts at 1145 NOT 0645!  The meeting ends at 1330 NOT 0830!  The group has member businesses who are one man bands and a mixture of £1 million turnover local companies who are already helping each other to find sales opportunities by sharing their contacts with each other.

"This will not be the only lunch time group...." said Kay McMahon, ".....there is a new group starting in Thornbury on 31st January and another lunch time group planned in Downend close to the A4174 soon to start growing in the late Spring."  "We start these groups with businesses that are locked out of the existing groups on our waiting list and with people who want to create a BNI groups in areas where they already have reach into a local network." 

"One side effect of starting a new group is that the existing groups grow.  The BNI Cook group has already contributed visitors and new members to neighbouring chapters with people who preferred breakfast meetings!"   

If you are a member on the region and have contacts or employees in Thornbury, Downend, Chipping Sodbury and Yate please quickly get in contact with Kay McMahon at [email protected] so we can give your contacts an early opportunity to lock out their competition.

Cheer up Alistair - at least one good thing happened while you were in Australia!! 


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