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Get More Referrals Workshop SOLD OUT!

Mon 27 January 2014

The members asked us to provide a regional networking event and a regional training event so it was no surprise to anyone when Vic Vaughan who heads the Director Training Team created a solution to match both objectives!  "A lot of business owners recognise the need for personal development but we have to balance that with running our businesses so anything I can do to make sure the most value is added in the shortest time available is exactly what I like to do!" 

"The workshop series is designed to help members of local networks to develop skills and meet good quality business contacts.  My firm Referral Institute was an obvious choice to design the content of this programme given it is all about referrals (!) and Your Impact, another member of BNI and an international training company contributed to the design.  A real team effort and we hope the members have fun while learning the real nuts and bolts of this topic." 

The 3 hours are used wisely:

30 minutes networking before the class starts: referral BINGO!

  • 1st hour answers important questions to help you refer others: Why bother? What makes someone referable? What stops you from referring someone? What do you need to refer them?
  • 2nd hour applies the knowledge gained in a live networking session and still offers 30 minutes of free style networking time so you can make connections on the day.
  • 3rd hour provides a session to share best practice and learning and to create an action plan so that you get more referrals.

Kay McMahon said "The session is oversubscribed - we only originally booked the venue for 10 people as it was the first workshop of the year and of its kind and we have over 30 businesses from BNI and from other local networks who are booked to attend. Our members are committed to education and the desire to want to learn more to help others and themselves is what makes this region of BNI a great one. It is this type of investment by the members and the DC team that has taken this region from 52nd place a year ago to 14th in the country rankings last month."

Next month's workshop is Happy Networking. Others in the series are Presenting for Profit; Make The Most of Your One to Ones; Growing Your Network. They are held on the last Tuesday of each month at the training centre The Engineers' House, in Clifton.

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