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Visitors Day Success for BNI Innovations

Wed 25 January 2012


I wanted to share the success that BNI Innovations (Bickley lunch chapter) had on 24 January with their Visitors' Day.  The chapter was at 15 members, with ambitions for +30 members by 31 March.

Chapter Director, Jeff Oliver, led the chapter through a letter writing campaign where ALL members wrote 40 personal letters to business people, and followed up according to BNI process.

THE RESULT - 51 visitors attended the Visitors Day of which there were 42 eligible visitors.  We received 17 applications at the end of the meeting.  Eight of those we progressed with immediately as the Mem Co had a meeting that same day and signed them off.  The remaining nine applications needed to be properly completed and the visitors further vetted..... but all were invited to return the following week or were finalised and processed later that first week.

Not only that, but a lot of invitees who couldn't attend the Visitors Day wanted to attend in future weeks, so there is now a large database of visitors to work through...

BNI Innovations is delighted with its success and is very motivated to keep up the efforts to grow the chapter substantially in the coming weeks.  The Mem Co has agreed that as part of settling in all the new members, all other members of the chapter will re-attend MSP to update their knowledge along with the new members, so effectively the chapter will be like a newly re-launched chapter.  Very exciting!!!  The chapter is the embodiment of ‘Performance and Growth'.

Let me or Jeff Oliver know if you would like more information on this Visitor Inviting programme.  We will gladly support any/all chapters wishing to do something similar!!

Congratulations to Jeff, Sue, Mark (Innovations Leadership Team) and members on a great day!!

  - Adele McLay, Managing Area Director BNI SE London

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