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Wed 18 May 2011

A leading networking group has seen a surge in members as hundreds of people have joined searching for new business.

BNI Merseyside has seen membership grow by 220 in the past six months as businesses are looking to make new contacts and gain more work.

Executive Director Terry Hamill believes the growth is due to the changes in the selection process in order to join the group. He said: “Here in Merseyside, we have started to adopt a new strategy which is used in BNI in Portugal which makes the selection process to join the group harder. This means the quality of businesses and group members is getting stronger, so more people want to join.”

BNI is the most successful networking organisations in the region and one of the best in Europe. BNI Merseyside.

has been responsible and has been for generating around £100m of business for Merseyside firms over the last 10 years. Over the last 10 years the Merseyside franchise of BNI has grown from one to 30 groups, ranking them the sixth biggest region Europe wide.

Terry said: “Other networking groups don’t give people the return that BNI does. The fact that BNI has been responsible for generating £100million worth of business over the past 10 years shows how successful it is and that real business is being done.”

This success comes following the region winning an award for losing the least amount of members out of 40 regions across the country.

It costs around £10 a week to be a member of BNI, and in each meeting members exchange business contacts and receive referrals of work which can be anything from £50 to £1.5m in value.

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