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The visitor experience "Meet Clive" Film

Wed 1 January 2014

I'm really happy to be able to let you know that the new BNI Avon & Monmouth 'Visitor Experience film is now available to see and link to your own website, facebook page etc,

The film can be seen at and also on the homepage of this website. See 'Meet Clive'.

The film explains to potential visitors what the benefits are in being involved in BNI, and also in a humourous way differentiates us from other networking organisations There is absolutely nothing wrong with the 'competition', and we actively recommend our members become involved in some of them, but it has become so important for us to stress that BNI is a 'Referral Marketing' organisation, and members can expect to gain so much more than they would by 'simply' networking.

My thanks go primarily to Jason Flinter and Adam Millbank for producing this film,but also to the members of the chapters involved in making it one of the best films seen in BNI for many years.

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