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BNI Philosophy stops redundancies

Mon 21 June 2010

BNI Philosophy stops redundancies

About 4 weeks ago I was approached by the Directors advising that we would have to make a couple of redundancies within the next week because the financial state of the company and the downturn the flow of business had taken.

I was devastated – I personally recruited every member of my team and the thought that I would have to make any of them redundant was terrible. I decided that I would do whatever it takes to ensure it didn’t happen. I decided to try and infuse some BNI mentality into the team and use some of the techniques that you spoke about at the induction.

I spoke to my team and advised of the news coming from HQ. I offered them the opportunity to join me in a pact to refuse to participate in the recession, but rather to look for changes that could be made within the business for the long term benefit of the organisation, not just to get through this alleged recession.

On a large white-board I wrote “In the North-West Office we refuse to participate in the economic downturnâ€

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