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Scottish ED Wins International Award

Sun 17 June 2007

Rob Copeland, Joint Executive Director of BNI Scotland West region has won an International award.

Every six months Leadership Teams are asked to give feedback on their EDs performance. The feedback covers areas like, Chapter visits, assistance, adding value, training etc.

Rob won the award for the best feedback from Leadership Teams.

Rob says, "winning an International award at any time is a great accolade, but to receive one because of feedback from Chapter members is one I will always cherish. When Charlie and I took over the Region in Apr 2006 we made it our top priority to add value in our chapter visits. To recognise participation, and to bring a sense of positivity, and belief in themselves, to our chapter members.

Scotland West is now a Region to be proud of. In one year we have moved from 37th to 6th equal in the National BNI statistics. Member Retention Rate has grown from 36% to 57%, average chapter size from 17.9 to 22.1, increased referrals and business passed. All this is due to the hard work of our members.

Charlie and I see our roles this year in continuing this support and training, and building a team of Assistant Directors to give even more support, so the Scotland West Region can be recognised as No 1 in the UK."

Rob received his award at the BNI International Conference in Los Angeles. It was presented by Ivan Misner the BNI founder.

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