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David Morton - BNI Member of the Quarter

Mon 11 August 2008

For the second time in the last 12 months, David Morton has stayed ahead of very strong competition to win the Member of the Quarter. This award is presented to the member who makes the biggest contribution to members of their chapter.

David says, "Knowing from BNI research that every visitor passes business on average of around £500 to my friends in the Nexus chapter, I started to bring visitors on a regular basis. I watched them pass referrals to the members and thought "Wow" this really works. When a visitor joins it is worth around £25,000 to the members. On that basis I have invited a couple of visitors every month to introduce them to the Nexus team.

And guess what? Our members get introduced to potential new clients each week , we have a more stimulating meeting and most importantly there are more Outside referrals passed. When some of them join, the chapter grows and we make even more money!

 "Givers gain" is the main principle of BNI, and winning the member of the quarter award shows me again that it works."


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