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Alba has best ever result winning Chapter of the Quarter by a large margin

Mon 11 August 2008

Congratulation to the members of the Alba Chapter for winning the Chapter of the Quarter trophy for the months April, May, and June 2008. They won with the highest points ever generated since the awards began over two years ago. Nexus and Inspiration who both scored so highly that they would have won any of the previous competitions were 2nd and third on this occassion to the worthy winners. 

Alba have now set a standard that will be difficult to overcome, so who is up for it this quarter.......

Bear in mind that due to the Key Performance Indicators achieved to win this prize, the referral rates have exploded in Alba, and everyone is making more money!

Chapter Director Eddie Gallagher said, "We have had an outstanding quarter, arguably our best ever, but it has been down to one thing, all inclusive Chapter teamwork. Every single member has contributed and our success is clear for all to see. 

In April when we formed the new Leadership team, we wanted to re-focus the chapter on its aims and ambitions. We initially identified our strengths as having a solid core membership and our weaknesses being in relation to training for new members and ongoing member retention. We then set about putting new procedures in place to formalize the Chapter Mentoring program and combined this with specific education slots to reemphasize the BNI basics and procedures that many BNI members lose sight of through time.

In doing so we have given our meetings added focus and with heightened BNI awareness this has definitely been beneficial to the Chapter. 

In addition to our new procedures we have continued to run our regular BNI game. Whilst done in a light hearted way it creates team spirit and spices things up with some team rivalry within the chapter. It continues to provide added focus on member participation and the Chapter really benefits from it. 

For our superb Visitors Day in June we also went back to BNI basics. The invitation procedures were properly controlled resulting in over 60 visitors attending on the day. As a result our membership has rocketed from 22 to 30, and more importantly we are now achieving a fantastic increase in the levels of referrals being passed each week. 

We are currently planning our next Visitors Day in September and with the same effort we are sure we will soon be the first Chapter in Scotland to hit 40 members, who knows, after that, we may have to implement a waiting list  for new members !"

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