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Sussex Hits 30!

Fri 4 July 2008

On Wednesday, the 2nd July, the Sussex region became the first in the country to enjoy 30 chapters with the launch of the Enterprise group.

Set in the beautiful surroundings of Littlehampton Golf Club, Under the guidance of Directors John Rees and Ian Mitchell, Enterprise produced a superb launch with more 55 guests attending.

John Rees explained - "There is real quality throughout every category in this group. I have no doubt at all that Enterprise, under chapter director Jools Chaffer, will go on to be one of the strongest in the country."

The launch of Enterprise confirmed Sussex's position as the largest region in the country.  What's more, regional success has been matched by ever increasing success for each individual group.  Executive Director Andrew Hall explained: "From the launch of our very first groups more than ten years ago we recognised the tremendous benefits as chapters began to work together.  Today a mass of business is passed across chapters and lock outs quickly find a home in a neighbouring group.  Enterprise will bring more members and business to its neighbours.  It is for this reason that as we have become the largest region, so our average chapter size has also grown to among the very highest in BNI."

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