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Some Ideas to Make Use of the Wider BNI Network

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In this digital age, it's becoming more and more common for people to bombard one another with emails. Unfortunately, even BNI members fall into this trap and occasionally email every otherNo Spam BNI member whose details they can get. And when they do, the National Office and my office here gets inundated with complaints! So how can we as BNi members help to solve this problem? It's pretty much the same way as we would solve most other problems in chapters - by sharing the solutions!

Members spam one another becuase they want to tap into the wider BNI network. But they often don't realise that cold emailing members is even less effective than cold calling. So they need to know what other options they have for casting the net wider. Here are some ideas;

1) Attend local training sessions to network with other members.
2) Attend regional members days - they can attend any that they want to around the country.
3) Post their details on the network central section of the website - click here to see where the link is.
4) Use the BNI Director network to meet people across the country. We as BNI Directors are in a great position to help you by facilitating cross-chapter networking right across the UK.
5) Ask me, Guy Griffiths, for an introduction.  
Why not use this as the basis of an education slot for your chapters?

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