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04/02/14 Proof that BNI is the way to build a better business

Proof that BNI is the way to build a better business

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Monday, 13 January 2014
Success at BNI in 2013

Number-crunching at National Office has yielded some fantastic results for BNI from 2013. BNI members across the UK & Ireland passed an astonishing 679,630 referrals in 2013, worth £339 million in total! Even more amazing is the fact that this represents a rise of 11.5% on business passed in 2012, despite the fact that the number of referrals has barely changed. So what does this really mean?

National Director of BNI UK & Ireland, Charlie Lawson, says that these figures are proof that BNI is helping members to build better businesses. BNI members are:

  • Delivering better presentations and sharing their BNI success stories
  • Making specific referral requests to get the business they really want
  • Tracking the business they pass more thoroughly, including ‘spin-off business’
  • Networking beyond their own Chapter through BNI Connect

“These phenomenal results are due to the hard work of 13,000 BNI members across the UK and Ireland. Every single referral that turns into business helps local people, businesses, regions, in fact, even the entire economy! If you ever wondered if BNI is making a difference, don’t!”

Congratulations go out to everyone in BNI on this landmark achievement, bringing us even closer to our goal of helping BNI members share £1 billion of referral business every year from 2020 onwards. We wish you all the best for your business in 2014!

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