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Tim Hoskins

Turner & Hoskins Architects Ltd

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Turner & Hoskins Architects Ltd

Tim Hoskins, Turner & Hoskins Architects Ltd

Established in 2002, we are a design-led practice, believing that good design is paramount to the procurement of a good building.
We have extensive experience across a range of sectors, including extensions and loft-conversions to private houses, one-off new-build houses, housing association work, community projects, village halls, church projects (refurbishment, extensions and complete new-build), healthcare work (nursing homes and doctors practices), retail projects, and schools projects.

Why choose Turner & Hoskins Architects Ltd

Establishing Clients’ needs and understanding how they use a building are key to ensuring a good design. We believe good design and attention to detail permeate through a building and improve the way a building is perceived, used or lived in.

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