BNI Membership Renewal Application Membership Renewal Application

All renewals are subject to the approval of the chapter membership committee. Payment will be returned if your renewal is not approved by the Committee

Please complete the form below where you will then be taken to a secure page to pay for your membership renewal.

Applicants Details (Cardholder Details)

Please Note: Our secure payment partner, First Data, requires an address as part of the booking. Please enter the card holder's address below, however the name and contact details should be those of the person renewing. All fields marked * are compulsory.
You will still need to fill in a renewal form and hand in a hard copy to your chapter.

After your card details have been processed, please send a copy of your payment receipt to the BNI chapter, so they can process your application.

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Please ensure that your contact details are correct on BNI Connect.

Participation Fees

Tick as appropriate 1 Year 2 Year
Subscription £615 £980
+ VAT 20% £123 £196
Discount 21%
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Memberships are payable 30 days prior to the expiry date. Members who have not paid by the expiry date are considered late and will be liable to a £20 late charge. If fees are not paid within 15 days, the member will be officially dropped by BNI.


For full terms and conditions, please ask for a Policy Leaflet or go to

In addition to the above fees, members are expected to pay weekly meeting fees for the venue to the chapter

BNI is a marketing service of BNI Enterprises Inc. provided by independent regional franchise businesses

BNI subscription rates are adjusted from time to time