The Meeting Agenda

You don't have to worry about having to think of the next thing to say at BNI meetings, as the whole meeting follows a planned agenda designed to result in the maximum benefit for all the group members.

Although there is a fixed format, and there is a serious focus on generating business, there is also plenty of scope for the members to enjoy themselves and have fun at the meetings as well. The meetings are often an exhilarating start to the day's business for most of the members!

The meeting starts at 7:00am sharp with 15 minutes of open networking, and breakfast is served.

1. Open Networking
2. Welcome everyone, introduce Team Leaders
3. Purpose and Overview of BNI
4. Networking Education
5. Announce Business Network "Leaders" (beginning of each month)
6. Pass business cards
7. Welcome any new BNI members to the organisation (induct new members)
8. Members introduce themselves and give 60-second presentation
9. Welcome visitors to BNI and have members introduce them (visitors give 60-second presentation)
10. Membership Co-ordinator's Report
11. Membership Committee Report
12. Treasurer announces rota of speakers for next six weeks and introduces this week's speaker(s)
13. Speaker(s) gives 10-12 minute presentation
14. Pass referrals
15. Treasurer's Report
16. Announcements and reminders
17. Door prize draw: for members bringing visitors or referrals
18. Close meeting
19. Conduct new member orientation
20. Conduct visitor orientations