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Givers Gain®

BNI is based on a philosophy of Givers Gain®. If I give you business, you will want to give me business.

The Givers Gain® philosophy, helps BNI members to make the most of their membership. Members are encouraged to focus on the needs of their fellow members rather than themselves, and in return the others will want to help them. Thus the Givers are also Gaining from the BNI experience.

Great Referrals - Steve Smith, Sheffield

Never underestimate the value of the wider BNI community – or the significance of quality visitors (you just never know what or who your visitors are looking for). Those are the core messages that shine out from a fantastic referral story from Yorkshire.

When Erica Wright of Vinci Construction UK, a national construction and facilities company explained in her visitor presentation to the Professionals Chapter that she was looking for local contractors with whom to place business, the group knew that they had an ideal contact for her. Steve Smith of ConCura, from neighbouring Soaraways chapter, specialises in creating bespoke commercial kitchens. More importantly, he's known by BNI colleagues in his region as a true giver with an outstanding professional reputation. David Hogg, the Professionals' Chapter Director, observes, "Steve is an exceptional BNI member who doesn't just look for work for members of his own group but for trusted BNI colleagues everywhere. His Givers Gain® philosophy spreads much further than many other members."

It was therefore the Professionals' pleasure to explain to Erica that their colleague Steve Smith could help her. She readily agreed to accept his call.

In fact, Concura was already bidding to Vinci for a large Sheffield school project. However Steve had no direct contacts with the key procurement players and the site-level contacts were leaning heavily towards another supplier.

Steve explains, "Our call to Erica was based on the commercial value of appointing Concura as a local, recommended contractor: price wasn't even discussed! One hour after the call, Vinci invited me to present to them on-site. We were awarded a contract for more than £100K – a fabulous outcome for which I'm indebted to the Professionals' generous thinking – and to their excellent visitor."

The Professionals see it a little differently. David observes, "It's Steve's Givers Gain® attitude that has fostered reciprocal referrals from other groups and led to this great piece of business for him. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy."

David Hogg,

Steve Smith,

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